TechnoStrasse Review – Ninna V – Lost Interaction EP

Portuguese techno stalwart Ninna V brings a tremendous twin track EP filled with heavy bass and deadly precise percussion, along with remixes by Lester Fitzpatrick , Gaecke , GND and Donald Joseph.

Ninna V bringing heavy Techno sounds to SubDivizion

Lost Interaction

A solid kick drum and piercing snare hits, backed up with lingering open hi-hats kicks the track off to a great start, with the energy and vibe apparent from the very start. Throughout the start of the track the energy continues to build before the arrival of a deep horn signals the first mini-breakdown, stripping the track down to bare hi-hats and a low soundscape, before a rapid-fire set of snares brings the solid kick back into play. More percussion comes to the forefront with a attention grabbing ride and snare arrangement which injects tremendous energy into the track, and fits comfortably along the top of the low end soundscape, which continues to provide push the track forward.  The aforementioned soundscape morphs throughout the track, becoming more electric and piercing in nature working to great effect to build and raise the tension during the second, longer breakdown and build up, where the main elements of the track remain, but the soundscape slowly ratchets up the atmosphere before a low horn strips everything back to the hi-hats and snare, creating a audio-void, drawing the listener in for just a moment, before the wave of audio delight crashes back down in all its glory. The track is at its peak energy in its closing stages, with all the elements working together, throwing a different spin on the idea of ending a track, with the energy remaining until the last 32 beats.

Terra Lie

A strong rolling bassline and a regimented contingent of snares, hi-hats and claps quickly establishes the high energy of this track. Rapid hi-hats work along the top end of the mix and are accented by ambient and drawn-out effects which contrast well with the deep rumbling, rolling bassline. After the first breakdown which introduces a piercing hi-hat and a smooth white noise sweep the track continues with the addition of a low soundscape which weaves its way around the already heavy percussion, bass and effects to become a key part in the buildup.  The soundscape slowly moves from the edges of the track to being the main component of the second breakdown, pushing the percussion to one side and again increasing the tension before the kick returns. It’s here that the track is at its peak energy, with the percussion, underlying soundscapes and effects all work to deliver a dancefloor stormer. This energy continues past the smaller third breakdown into the final moments of the track.

Overall another massive track with a rampant rolling bassline and unstoppable percussion. A must listen.


Lost interaction – Lester Fitzpatrick Remix

Groovy tops and a booming kick set the foundations for this remix, with the return of the key snare fills and the ominous horn from the original track. The energetic percussion groove from the original returns alongside a distinctive analogue, organic synth stab which takes over the track and becomes its main attraction, working well alongside the established percussion and bass from the original. The synth really comes into its own in the second breakdown, mutating and evolving before the other elements return. Again the synth starts to mutate and takes on a life of its own towards the end of the track, demanding attention before fading away.

Overall, similar to the original track but that attention grabbing synth which appears half way through really steals the show.

Lost Interaction – Gaecke Remix

Echoed hits and a rolling bassline combined with a low growling synth build on the original track and inject more addictive energy in this remix. The synth works well alongside the solid percussion creating an organic element to the track, with the synth constantly evolving and mutating. The breakdown introduces an open hi-hat which keeps the percussion alive before the synth steals the lime-light and brings back the rolling bass, joined with more echoed synths and hits, making the second half of the track a more abstract affair, the heavy bass providing room for the top ends to flourish.

Taking the distinctive percussion from the original and adding a massive rolling bassline, coupled with the more minimal latter half makes this a brilliant remix.

Terra Lie – GND remix

Kicking off with a thumping bassline and a rapid synth, GND makes a clear statement at the start of this track that the energy will be high. Ghostly ride cymbals whisper above the rumbling bass and heavy kick, but the basslines from the original track manage to fit in around the lively yet minimal percussion which is apparent around the first breakdown, with the ride piercing through the mix. For me the percussion really stands out over the concrete bass and kick, with rapid-fire snares and hits really contributing to the overall energy and vibe of the track. This must be an after-hours dancefloor smasher thanks to the flawless harmony of the rumbling bass, rapid synth and perfect percussion.

Terra Lie – Donald Joseph Remix

From the outset this track is on the rampage with a deep, all-encompassing bass and a booming kick, backed up with drawn out ambient fx sweeps and tension building percussion. The strong rolling bassline provides the main driving force for the track, with odd FX working around the percussion which further contributes to the upbeat nature of this track. The main breakdown tears away the majority of the percussion leaving the absolutely booming kick and the ambient, blippy effects. A drawn out vocal sweep cuts across the mix before a piercing snare fill brings listeners back to reality with the crashing return of all the percussion.

This track is built on a rock solid kick and bass arrangement, backed up and contrasted by the rapid percussion and ambient effects.

Ninna V’s Lost Interaction EP soon to be available on SubDivizion –


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